We are traveling across the U.S.A. building a lifelong community of Cancer Survivors and supporters, creating art, interviewing invaluable cancer researchers, having fun times and sharing our stories.

In addition to all the amazing people we are meeting and bringing together we are raising funds to be paid to any research team (not company) that comes forward with an actual cure for cancer.

We want to visit your town to meet and honor cancer survivors!

Gather your group, ask your local cancer center or local TV station to have us come visit you!

Together, with your help we would like to;

  • Create a beautiful network of Survivors who can share experiences and stories

  • Have 1 Million Cancer Survivors touch the same piece of art as it travels the county

  • Make the cancer cure a gift for all humanity

Cancer has touched everyone’s life in some way. Alone we are small, but if we all come together HERE and NOW we will be bigger than this disease.

***Please Note: Every donation name will live on forever. Each donation name will be added to the Cancer Cure Book which will have 195 copies made and delivered to the heads of all 195 Countries on Earth. If you want your donation to be made in someone else’s name, friend, relative or anonymous please take note in the donation area. Thank you all in advance.***

Never Give Up. Never Give In.