You can and will make a difference right now. Every person, including myself, who has had their life touched by cancer extends an

Amazing Thank You!



ALL DONATIONS are placed into a pool for this charity which will pay any team, or person, who comes forward with a cure. We want to pay for a cure, of any type for; 1) Lung, 2) Breast, 3) Colon, 4) Pancreatic, 5) Prostate, 6) any other. 1/6 of all available funds, We All Together Give, will be paid to any team of researchers, or person, that comes forward to cure any type of cancer. After that 1/5 then 1/4 and so on until there are available cures and we happily close our charity!

We may be the only charity that wants to be out of business.

We are all aware. Now we want a CURE!

Each little step turns into giant leaps when we come together.