I am starting a tour through N. America looking for 1 Million wonderful cancer survivors to add their hand print to my tiny house on wheels.


~check out or social media links below to see what the canvas looks like as it changes~

I have given up most worldly possessions, including a permanent home, designed and built a little tiny house on wheels and using it to turn my anger at cancer into art and search for a CURE. We all have had our lives touched by cancer in one way or another and this is the result for me, for now. I have decided to tour North America and am asking for 1 million survivors to add their touch to this art piece that is for all of us.

*When you touch this mural something special happens*

Simple—I’m bringing all of the supplies (-oodles of paints and gloves-), you just bring your hand and we will make art, smiles, stories and a meaningful happy memory together.

This project is dedicated my mother Betty.



Along the way…

If you are not a cancer survivor we are looking for a minimum donation of just $1 per month. It helps to bring Art for Survivors. You know you can do that but……Will you?

100% of all donations go directly towards this original and unique charity started here!

 Any donor of just $1 per month will have their names added, in print, to the Cancer Cure Book which will have 195 copies made and delivered to all 195 countries in the world. If we all get the Cancer Cure tomorrow, next month, year or ten your name will live on forever! Together we end cancer!

We run fully off of donations and you can always join in on the art piece (for FREE) when we get to your town and the community we all have here. Even if you don’t join in on the travelling art, your name and donation live on in print forever globally.