1 Million Hands Project

Looking for 1 Million cancer survivors to add their hand print

cost: FREE…we have everything needed

I am heading across America looking for you. We will all be creating art together and every wonderful cancer survivor is happily invited to pic out a color we have, put on a glove and create this art piece together for all of us.

Please help as we travel across this beautiful country, make art together and build this wonderful community of cancer survivors!

Any survivor support group, media, hospital or individual that wants us to visit your town please just msg us on Facebook or Twitter, both are: @jointhe12


In each town we visit; we add to a wonderful community of cancer survivors and supporters, share stories, some cries and create a space for us to all come together.

We invite you to be a part of this great community, follow along as we go and be a part of our national conversation and art! We are here because, and for, cancer survivors!

If you can donate anything to help this traveling art piece please feel free and a HUGE THANK YOU!

100% of funds donated goes to this project

Please be a part of history and join together NOW.

Our Facebook and Twitter are both; @jointhe12 as we never never ask anyone to give more than just $1 per month to help achieve the goal of destroying cancer.

If a cancer cure is found, ALL available funds will be given to the research team who develops it.



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mission and method.


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